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Arena Animation’s ‘Perspectives - 2013’

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  • Arena Animation, in association with AD2PRO Chennai conducted a campus placement. 2adpro is a global creative and advertising company that provides high quality print and digital design, marketing communications and advertising production solutions for companies around the world.

  • Arena Animation’s ‘Perspectives - 2013’ in association with Middlesex University (London) drew an audience of 1000 students at Mumbai!


  • I like arena animation's service because it is different from anything else I have learned. I want others to have the same opportunity. I think arena having a cool service. A service that needs a little work, but cool enough to tell others about it

    Prasoon K
    AAIP, 2012 Batch

  • Rohith Menon
    Visual Designer
    AAIP, 2012 Batch

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